Race to 10,000

One thing that we have been focusing on at 10th Planet Van Nuys this month is our race to 10,000. Everyone has selected one aspect of their Jiu Jitsu game and are repping it like crazy until they reach 10,000 reps. It’s been really awesome to watch everyone improve since we started the race. Moves that people used to only attempt are now being finished at a much higher percentage. Guys are developing aspects of their game at a rapid pace that would normally take a lot longer if they hadn’t started repping one move.

I personally choose to rep the Darce choke. Given that I have longer arms and have found myself playing the top game more I felt that the Darce would be a perfect addition to my game. I have been playing around with different Darce set ups for years and have been somewhat successful at setting them up and finishing them. The key word there is somewhat successful. I thought I understood the Darce. It was simple! How wrong I was. Since starting the race to 10,000 I have noticed a lot of small mistakes I was making with my Darce. I have been finding little pockets of space that I can close up, little tricks to improve my grips, and of course different ways to finish the choke. With each rep I feel my self getting better and better. Each rep to me is one step closer to my Black Belt.

My goal is that by the time I hit 10,000 Darce choke reps that I will be a true master of the move. I may not be a black belt in Jiu Jitsu yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a black belt in one move. If you feel like joining me on this journey make sure to stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys and get on the mats!

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