S-Mount Armbar Drill

Last week at 10th Planet Van Nuys I taught the S-Mount armbar in my fundamentals class. The s-mounted armbar is my favorite way to hit the armbar. Back when I competed I was able to win a match with this exact armbar. One issue I face when teaching people this armbar is that they struggle with getting to the s-position. In the video below Stephan Kesting shows an amazing drill that helps you develop the muscle memory that you need to become a beast with the s-mount armbar. I really like how Stephan has found a way to keep pressure on his opponent the whole time while still being able to move around and snatch the armbar. Next time I teach this armbar I’m going to make sure that we drill this! If you want to drill with me hit me up or stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys and check out a class!

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