Leg Drag Pass

Over the past few months I have been working a lot on my open guard leg lock attacks. While I have gotten pretty good at attacking the legs, my training partners over at 10th Planet Van Nuys have gotten pretty good at defending my attacks. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of training with 10th Planet Brown Belt and Leg Lock guru Chris Herzog and we talked a little about the leg drag pass. Looking for a new way to pass, I immediately went and did some research and found the tutorial below. What I really like about this tutorial is how they teach the entry. Just pulling my opponents legs up will not be enough to secure the pass. The idea of pushing the head and picking up the leg is a great way to confuse your opponent and give you plenty of time to set up the entry. I’ll be drilling this one later tonight over at 10th Planet Van Nuys if anyone wants to try it!

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