Two Guard Passes From This Month’s Curriculum

When I first started Jiu Jitsu the double under pass was one of my favorite and highest percentage guard passes. I felt like I could really crush my opponent and control his hips with this pass. I also liked this pass because you could go slow and really control your opponent the whole time or you could try it fast and catch your opponent off guard. One of the early keys for me in pulling off this pass was to make sure that I had both hands in and under the legs. If you leave one arm in and one arm out while in the guard, you run the risk of the armbar or triangle. Keeping both hands under and locked also help control your opponent’s hips and help give you a better sense of control. It’s also important to keep the your partner stacked. The more you stack your opponent the easier the pass is. Stacking will eliminate any sort of escape your partner has.

Recently the knee slide pass has become one of my favorite passes from open guard. In the video below MMA Fighter Dean Lister teaches how he does the diagonal knee slide pass. Dean’s pass is very similar to the Avellan Pass from a few days ago but with a few slight variations. Again I really like how Dean highlights holding onto the top arm as you pass. Much like the Avellan Pass, underhooking this arm is the key to completing your pass. If you do not have a strong underhook your opponent can easily come up and counter your pass attempt.

Coach Alder is showing variations of both these passes this month at 10th Planet Van Nuys so if you want to learn make sure and stop by!

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