Getting and Maintaining the Lockdown

The Lockdown was one of the first 10th Planet techniques that I learned. In fact as an instructor when someone asks me to show them a 10th Planet technique, the Lockdown is my go to. Why? Well the lockdown is a great control positon. When done right this move gives your complete control of your opponent’s lower body.

Having taught this move in the past the most common mistake that I see is that people hav e problems with their leg placement. When starting the lock down I give myself a quick mental check list. I first ask myself “Is my outside leg draping over my opponent’s calf?” Many early lockdown players have problems with this and forget which leg is being used as a half guard since this is different than traditional half guard. After I get my outside leg in postion I then ask myself “Am I triangling my legs?” Triangling the legs is what keeps my opponent from moving his leg from side to side. After I triangle my legs I then ask myself “Is  my instep touching his instep?” One of the most common mistakes early players make is that they don’t know what to do with their foot. I have seen some interesting ways that people try and get the lock. Guys go over the ankle and then try to bend back or they stomp on the heel. The easiest way I have found to teach this step is to make sure that my instep is touching my partner’s instep. 

If you need to see this in action please check out In the video below Ari Bolden of Submissions 101 break down the set up to the Lockdown in the video below. If happen to be in the San Fernando Valley this month make sure to stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys and learn some slick set ups to the Lockdown!

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