Breaking the Lockdown: Buttock Compressor

Being stuck in the Lockdown can be extremely frustrating. A good Lockdown will imobilize  an opponent and allow the player on bottom to look for sweeps and submissions. So how can we break the Lockdown?

One of the breaks we are working on this month at 10th Planet Van Nuys is the buttock compressor. This break is extremely effective and is used at all levels of Jiu JItsu. In the video below Eddie Bravo mentions how the Buttocks Compressor is a great break to use if your opponent has shut down your No Hands Pass attacks.

One of the keys that we are focusing on this month in Coach Alder’s class is the grip around the butt. When gripping around the butt it is crucial to pinch your elbows together. By pinching your elbows together you are opening up the knees. Once your opponent’s knees are open it becomes very easy to sprawl out and move around. It is also important to remember that when you sprawl out that you need to stay heavy on the legs. If your opponent can move their lower body you are not out of danger just yet.

The other key point that we are focusing on is the actual pass.With Coach Alder we have been working on slowly passing to side control. The point of passing slowly is to make sure that we at all times are checking our opponents hips. Again if he is allowed to get his hips free we are then in the danger zone.

Hope to see everyone on the mats this month!

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