The Electric Chair

What if I told you that there was a half guard position that you could submit your opponent from or sweep them from. Is that something you may be interested in???? Of course you are!!!

The Electric Chair is a great option that can be used from the Lockdown when your opponent bases out on his free foot. This is one of the moves I encourage all of my new students to learn if they plan on competing because I see it pop up in tournaments all the time. Many competitors are hip to the Old School Sweep and try to defend it by placing their foot flat on the mat. They think this prevents them from being swept but in reality it opens them up for The Electric Chair.

What I really like about The Electric Chair is that I can use this move to sweep or submit my opponent. Regardless of how you want to finish the move, the key to maintaining the position is to not let your opponent walk backwards. If your opponent is able to get into the push up position and walk his hands backwards, he can kill your finish. So to prevent this from happening I stress using your hands to push his upper body away while keeping his leg on your top shoulder. Doing both of these two things will allow you to stay in control.

Swing by the 10th Planet Van Nuys fundamentals class this month if you want to learn more!

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