Plan B Sweep

Coach Alder talks a lot about having a game plan. Having a game plan means that you have a sequence of moves that you are trying to hit in order to achieve an ultimate goal. For example if your goal is to hit an RNC but you are starting from a standing position, your game plan maybe to snap your opponent down, swing around to his back, take his back, and then lock in the RNC. Game plans are awesome…but sometimes you need to have a Plan B.

Today’s technique is the Plan B. The Plan B is a great technique that anyone who is looking to use the lockdown should know. I personally use this move all the time and love it. While it started out as a Plan B (no pun intended) to my Boa sweep, this move has quickly become one of my favorite to use from the Lockdown.

What I like about the Plan B is that you can use your opponent’s momentum to get this sweep. Once I get to the Dog Fight Position all I have to do is see which direction my opponent is leaning. If he is pushing back into me then I can use the Plan B sweep. If he is not pushing into me then I switch to the Boa and take him over. Either way I am in a very good position here.

If you want to learn more about the Plan B, Boa, or any other Lockdown sweep make sure to stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys this month and check out our Fundamentals class!

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