Deep Half Guard Counter to a Counter

10th Planet Van Nuys Deep Half Guard mania continues! Today I wanted to look at a counter to a counter. One of the easiest ways to counter the Deep Half Guard is to pull your leg out and pass the guard. In my post yesterday I talked about the importance of pinching the knees in the Deep Half GuardKnee pinching is a great way to control the leg but sometimes your opponent can defeat your knee pinch by pushing on your knee. So what do you do then? In today’s video Jeff Glover shows a great counter to a counter that you can use if your opponent grabs your knee.

What I like about this counter to a counter is that you can catch your opponent off guard with the sweep. When they grab your knee they probably think that they can’t be swept but it turns out they can! One thing that I noticed Jeff does during this sweep is make the arm become the leg. When he grabs the wrist and the tricep he pulls the arm into the knee. By doing this, you are able to get the same leverage on your sweep that you would if you hooked the leg.

I personally can’t wait to try this counter out!  Hope to see everyone on the mats soon!

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