Heel Hook From Deep Half Guard

Wait….wait…You can leg lock from Deep Half Guard??!?!?! In the video below amazing Black Belt and Deep Half Guard master Jeff Glover shows a transition that he uses to move from the Deep Half Guard to a Leg Lock position. I haven’t had an opportunity to drill or really practice this position but I did notice a few things about in watching the video.

What I really like about this transition is that it is very unorthodox. When you sneak out the back door most players would start to worry about their back. I’m sure the last thing that they would think of is that there is a potential Heel Hook being set up.

One of the keys that I noticed about this transition is that you need to create space when you go out the back door. By creating this space you are giving yourself the space that you need in order to swing your you legs from one leg to the other. Of course I haven’t had much time to drill this transition so I’m sure you don’t want to leave too much space but at the same time you don’t want to crowd and smother someone. I’ll have to drill this a little and get back to you as to what other keys I find.

Even though Jeff uses this transition to  hit a Heel Hook, I can actually see it opening up a few different leg locks. It would be interesting to drill this and see if when you transition if a kneebar is possible. It looks like you may have a quick opportunity to come up and pin the knee the mat after you transition to the leg lock position. Only one way to find out! Drilling time! 10th Planet Van Nuys here I come!

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