10th Planet Van Nuys = U of MMA Gym of the Month!!!!!!

It’s awesome when people outside of the gym recognize our hard work. This past month we were lucky enough for 10th Planet Van Nuys to be named the University of MMA’s (UofMMA) gym of the month. If you live in the LA area you have to check out the U of MMA.  They have some of the best amateur and upcoming fighters in the area. Plus the production value is top notch. Going to a U of MMA show is like going to a big time show. The fights have a big fight feel, the cage looks awesome, and they run in some of the top venues in Los Angeles.

Check out the great article that Jorge Abarca wrote about 10th Planet Van Nuys by clicking here. I’m even quoted in it!!!!! Yes my name is wrong (although given my love of pro wrestling being a Bradshaw is not necessarily a bad thing!) and no I’m not an amateur fighter, but I do mean what I said. We take a very thinking man’s approach to training Jiu Jitsu. I’m happy to say that we are a meat head free gym and everyone from our fighters to our guys who just want to get their sweat on, are friendly and intelligent people. If you ever are in the San Fernando Valley area and want to stop by please get a hold of my either via social media or by checking out 10th Planet Van Nuys.com. We would love for you to stop by and take a class! Hope to see you on the mats soon!

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