Why Should I Train At 10th Planet Van Nuys?

Choosing the right Jiu Jitsu school can be the most important decision a person can make when they decided they want to train. Choosing the right school can be the difference between obtaining your black belt and quitting. One thing that we like to pride ourselves on at 10th Planet Van Nuys is our high retention rate. Most of our blue belts started their grappling careers with Coach Alder and many of us plan on continuing to train with Coach Alder all the way up until we get our black belts. So why do we stay with 10th Planet Van Nuys?

You will get a work out! Training Jiu Jitsu is a great form of exercise because any one can do it and it’s fun. Let’s face it the treadmill is boring. I don’t know anyone who gets off work and says “Man I can’t wait to run on a treadmill for an hour!” On the other hand I know several people who perk up and get excited at the prospect of going to train that night. While training Jiu Jitsu
is not a “formal” form of exercise, it can lead to weight loss, increased strength, and improved balance. I know several of our members have dropped any where from ten to fifty pounds during their first year of Jiu Jitsu. Thanks to consistent training, Jiu Jitsu has lead to life changes.

If you live in the San Fernando Valley are and are looking to start training Jiu Jitsu make sure to check out 10thPlanetVanNuys.com and stop by! Not convinced? Check out the video below of Coach Alder talking about 10th Planet Van Nuys.

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