50/50 Heel Hook – The Nerd Edition

Ok I’m not going to try and sell you today on the heel hook. I think we have all seen that this is an awesome yet super dangerous move. In today’s video the BJJ Nerd himself Mr. Dan Fagella breaks down the 50/50 Heel Hook. If you don’t know about Dan I suggest looking up some of his videos. The guy is a wizard at leg locks and has a really awesome way of breaking down exactly what is going on during the lock. I have only been watching his tutorials and dvds for a little bit but have learned a lot from them.

In the video below I really liked how Dan broke down the heel hook control. I really liked how Dan talks about controlling his leg like a vice, pinning your chest to the leg, and having the proper hand placement on the heel. One of the keys to finishing this move is being able to stop your opponent from rolling out. By doing all of this it creates an insane amount of pressure and makes the move very simple to use. By doing all of these things at the same time you are also upping your chances of finishing the move.

Want to learn more? You know the drill by now. Visit 10th Planet Van Nuys and learn how to heel hook, ankle lock, and so much more! 

Ps watch till the end. Dan actually shows two techniques!

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