My Training Goals For February

It’s that time again. Time to set some monthly training goals. Last month was a weird month for me because I was recovering from having surgery but now that I’m all better I want to hit the mats running (or shrimping).

Goal #1 Chain my Kimura Attacks

Over the past few months I have really been focusing on the Kimura. Last month I wanted to focus on using the kimura as a control tool. This month I really want to focus on using the Kimura as a tool to set up other submissions. In fact this month I plan on teaching a few of these chains to my students in my fundamentals class.

Goal #2 Get My Roll On

Last month I tried to take it easy in regards to rolling. I was still very nervous about my incision wounds and didn’t want to do anything that could cause more injury. Well it’s been over a month now and my wounds have healed nicely so my goal this month is to get back to rolling a lot more. I am going to push my self to get at least 3-5 rolls in every class. Also when I’m rolling I want to push myself to roll hard and with technique. I want to be able to smash people and continue to perfect my technique.

Goal #3 Attend 12 classes this month

So last month I got close to achieving this goal. Even in my post op state, I still attended class. I didn’t actually participate for a few of the classes but I was still there watching. My goal for this month is to show up AND participate in 12 classes this month. So far I have been to two classes…Only ten to go!

Again if you are setting any monthly training goals feel free to share them in the comments below. If not make sure to stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys and let one of the instructors know your goals. The more you get your goals out there, the more likely you are to stay motivated and accomplish them!

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