My Favorite JiuJitsu DVDs Part 1

One of the most common threads I see on message boards is “What’s your favorite DVD instructional?” I’m not an avid user of message boards so I never really chime in. I thought instead that I would answer this question for my loyal readers. Over the years I have accumulated tons of DVDs but these three really stick out to me as the three that helped me the most. Each of these instructionals have helped me make immediate changes in my game that have made me better.

When I first started watching this dvd I was having a lot of issues with my guard passing. What I loved about this dvd, especially the first disk, is that Pablo took the time to break down some of the smaller aspects of guard passing that most instructors don’t cover. Him pointing out little things like how I should place my toes on the mat had an immediate impact in my game. To this day when I want to learn a new guard pass or just need a refresher in how to smash someone’s guard I’ll pop this dvd in and still learn something new.

Make sure to check tomorrow for my other two favorite DVDs!

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