My Favorite JiuJitsu DVDs Part 2

The Kimura Trap system has helped me really see how awesome of a move the kimura is.  Prior to watching this dvd I had the mindset of “The Kimura is a big guy power move and I don’t want to be a big guy power move type of guy.” This dvd changed my mind. Seeing how David Avellan used the Kimura to control his opponent opened my eyes. While I don’t use every move this set has to offer, I find myself thinking more and more about how I can use the Kimura as more than just a submission.

Do you have a book, a song, or a movie that completely changed your mindset about something? Well for me Reilly Bodycomb’s Sambo Leg Locks for No Gi Grappling did just that. Prior to watching this dvd I “used” leg locks. Ok so I pretty much only used a toe hold. I would normally just hunt for a toe hold and end up in some weird position that I had no control over. What I loved about this dvd was that Reilly took the time to break down how to control your opponent first before hunting for the submission. Since then I have learned variations of these control positions from Coach Herzog that I personally like more but this DVD was the catalyst for my whole leg lock journey.

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