2016 Goals Check In – October


Back in January I blogged about my 2016 Jiu jitsu goals. One of my goals was to check in more often. Below is my check in for the third quarter of the year  and my goals for the fourth quarter.

#1 Master the Kimura

The past few months have been frustrating when it comes to Kimuras. A lot of the guys in my gym are becoming more aware of my Kimura set ups. This lead to me using the Kimura as more of a transitional move. One of my favorite transitions has been the Kimura to arm triangle. Over the next few months I want to continue exploring how to use the kimura to transition to other position and submissions.

#2 Become a Destroyer of Guards

For the month of July and August I spent a lot of time learning the Danaher leg lock system. This naturally lead to me playing leg locks more. The past month was spent studying different open guard passes. As I continue forward with my goal of becoming a destroyer of guards, I want to continue to focus on open guard passing.

#3 I Want to Write at Least Three More Blog Posts Before My Next Check In

Back in July I set a goal of writing three blog posts before my next check in. I was able to meet this goal by writing blog posts about Attacking the Turtle Position with a Kimura, Sean Robert’s Calf Slicer, and Demian Maia’s guard passing. My goal for the upcoming months is to write two more posts before I check in again.

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