2016 Goals Check In

Last January I blogged about my 2016 Jiu jitsu goals. Since it’s 2017 I wanted to check in on my 2016 goals before posting my 2017 goals next week.

#1 Master the Kimura

Back in January of 2016 I talked about my desire to learn how to control and submit my opponent’s with the Kimura. Over the course of the year I became very aggressive with the Kimura and it has become one of my go to attacks. Once I lock in the grip I feel extremely comfortable and can transition to various attacks and positions. I feel extremely confident saying that while I have not yet mastered the Kimura, I have made it a very effective part of my game.

#2 Become a Destroyer of Guards

This goal was an interesting one. There were times this past year were I felt like I could destroy guards and there were times that I felt like I couldn’t pass guard to save my life. If this year taught me anything it is that guard passing is super difficult and is an ever evolving process. During 2017 I hope to continue learning more about the mystery that is passing the guard.

#3 Check in More Often

I feel like I was able to accomplish this goal. I was able to write quarterly check ins on my goals and assess how I was doing in meeting my goals. I also was able to keep up my with my paper journaling. I feel that checking in more often helped me keep focused on my goals and I plan on continuing the trend more this upcoming year.

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