2019 Focus Check In

Back in January, I shared my jiu jitsu areas of focus. Since we are over halfway through the year I thought it would be good to check in to see how each area is going.

#1 Half Guard

This year I really wanted to focus on my half guard. I have been lucky that a lot of my school’s curriculum these past few months has focused on both the bottom and top 1/2 guard. I have also done a lot of tape study (more on that below) around the 1/2 guard. I am finding myself way more confident in my 1/2 guard now. What is awesome is that I am developing different styles of 1/2 guard games based on different positions. Some of what I am doing (lockdown, deep 1/2, some half butterfly guard) is coming back to me over time and some I am learning as I go along. I am excited to continue to focus on 1/2 guard and make it an even stronger part of my game during the second 1/2 of the year.

#2 Tape Study

This is one area that I feel like I have made big progress in. This year I have spent some time diving deep into Lachlan Giles’ Half Guard Anthology set and Tom DeBlass’ Half Butterfly guard set. Both sets have opened up my eyes to some new ways of approaching the half guard. What I am really liking is that after watching each set I get excited to go train. I can’t wait to take some of the small things that I have learned and apply them during a roll. For the rest of the year, I want to continue to study these two sets and possibly add another half guard related set.

#3 Blog More

So far so good. I have completed at least one blog post per month during 2019. My goal for the rest of the year is to continue this pace. If I get motivated I may sneak in an extra post or two but for now as long as I get at least 1 blog post per month I am happy.

What are your jiu jitsu focus areas for the year? Share them below in the comments. Also if you are looking for some help with meeting your goals fill out my contact form for more information on private instruction.

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