Dealing with the switch base from half guard

As I continue my journey into exploring the half guard I am finding myself using the switch base a lot to pass on the top. As a big guy I really like this pass because I can use the shifting of my weight to defeat their frames. Up until recently I was not sure about how this pass could be stopped. Then I found the video below. In the video Lachlan Giles shows several options that you can do from the bottom when your opponent does the switch base pass.

My favorite part of this video is not how he deals with the pass. I really like how Lachlan breaks down how you can prevent this pass. A common issue I have when I play the knee shield on the bottom is I used the shield to push my opponent away. Lachlan instead suggests using the shield to pull your opponent close to you. Doing this makes it easier to bring your elbow to your knee which gives you more structure in your position and creates a block for when they try to cut their elbow in. I really need to work on this one detail because if you do this properly you do not have to worry about them passing.

Notice how Lachlan uses his knee to elbow position to keep safe when the top guy switches his base to pass.

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