Emily Kwok – Sickle Sweep

This month in my 10th Planet Van Nuys fundamentals class we are going to be playing around with the guard postion. One of the concepts that I am teaching is the idea of what to do if your opponent stands up in your guard. This month we will be covering three simple yet effective ways to sweep your opponent from the full guard. Open guard sweeps like this are great for BJJ and for self defense. In fact two of the sweeps are the same ones taught in the Gracie Combatives Self Defense course.

In the video below Emily Kwok shows her version of the sickle sweep. This is one of my favorite sweeps to use because I can use both of my legs to attack one of my opponents legs and tree top them over. I also really like this sweep because it works into how I like to control the open guard. I normally have one foot on my opponents hips and the other behind their knee. I have found that this gives me the best control and helps with keeping my guard. Enjoy the video and make sure to pay attention to the drill that Emily shares!

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