Avoid Becoming The Walking Dead Part 4

As I mentioned Zombie Drilling is something that can happen to both partners. Once infected it becomes very easy to stop drilling and start talking about a recent UFC or that  new fancy move like the Bermbolo. Looking at our double leg takedown let’s look at a few more ways that we can avoid becoming zombies.

Now that I have learned all of the basics with my move, in this case the Double Leg Takedown, I try to always be fast but technical with my movements. I try to avoid stopping unless necessary. Do I stop? Yes. Just like with rolling, not everything is going to work perfectly. In my double leg maybe I don’t change my level enough. Once I realize this I quickly reset and go for the move again. I don’t sit there, start laughing, and then go for it. I’m talking maybe 3-5 seconds lost in total.

Controlling myself and making sure I avoid becoming a zombie when I drill is easy. The hard part is becoming a good partner. So what can a good partner do?

  • Have a Good Base. Don’t be a pushover! If I shoot for my double leg don’t just give it to me. Make me work for it!
  • Provide some resistance. Don’t go 100% all the time but if their sweep wouldn’t work in real life don’t fall. If their sub is not in all the way..don’t tap! Provide enough resistance that your partner has to work for the move
  • Don’t tap early! Now if you are in a bad situation where you are going to get hurt TAP!!! However if your partner is drilling a darce, don’t tap when they lock in the vice grip!

So there you go! Some more concepts that you can apply to your class sessions that can help you avoid the dreaded Zombie Drilling. If you are ever in the San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Glendale, or surrounding areas make sure to stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys. We are like Ash Williams….We kill zombies and keep it groovy.

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