Leg Lock of The Month – The Calf Crush

So far we in our Leg Lock of the Month series we have covered numerous joint locks. The Heel Hook and the Toe Hold are two great ways to attack your opponent’s knees and ankles. This month I wanted to focus on an attack that I personally have been using a lot more….The Calf Crush.

The Calf Crush can be a brutal move. While many of the other leg locks that we have looked at don’t really “hurt” until damage is being done, the calf crush hurts once it’s locked in! In the video below the guys from Human Weapon break down a common set up from the back for the Calf Crush. While this is a Sambo technique, it can be used in any form of grappling.

Being a 10th Planet guy I can instantly see this set up working into my Twister game. One of my favorite ways to take the back and to set up the Twister is to thread my leg in like they do in the video. I really am liking this set up because if I can’t go to my A game of taking the back or setting up the twister, I can always fall back and look for the Calf Crush. By falling back I also have the opportunity to grab the free foot and transition to the Truck as well.

Towards the end of the month we are going to look at some more set ups for the Calf Crush. Until then please enjoy the video below and leave a comment if you see any key details that can help make this move a killer!

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