Wrestler’s Hip Toss – Hip Placement is Key!

This month at 10th Planet Van Nuys we are continuing our takedown series by covering the Wrestler’s Hip Toss. The Wrestler’s Hip Toss is a move that I have worked on before but never really used. Coach Alder has been showing us some of the key details to this toss and I have changed my mind am really liking it.

So why am I finally understanding this toss? Well one of the key details that I always messed up was my hip placement. One thing we have learned this month is that you need to put your hips in front of your opponent and squat down to bring your opponent on top of you. Doing this helps you load your opponent up and makes the toss extremely easy. All you will need to do is stand up and you lift them off the ground.

If you are using any strength to complete this toss, you need to check your hip placement. With good hip placement I have noticed that this move becomes very easy. I am having guys toss me who weigh at least 50 pounds less than I do and vice versa. Guys who I couldn’t lift up before are now going over with ease.

We will be filming our version of this technique later this month and sending it out to everyone who is on our mailing list over at 10th Planet Van Nuys.com. If you want to check it out make sure that you sign up today! Also if you would live in the San Fernando Valley, Burbank, or Greater Los Angeles area and want to learn takedowns, submissions, and all sorts of awesomeness make sure to check out 10th Planet Van Nuys.com and sign up for a free class!

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