My Training Goals for January

It’s that time again. Time to set some monthly training goals. When setting goals this month I tried to think of different techniques that I was “good” at. My goal is that in setting goals to improve these moves that I can take them from being “good” to being “awesome” by the end of the month.

Goal #1 Continue to use the Kimura grip for Control

Over the past few months I have really been focusing on the Kimura. More importantly I have been focusing on using the Kimura grip as a means of control. So far I have had pretty good succes at holding the grip and moving around my opponent. My goal this month is to fine tune my grip to the point that my opponent’s don’t want me grabbing their wrist because they fear the grip. 

Goal #2 Drill the Chin Strap Pass from Butterfly Guard

So how do you kill the leg lock game? You play Butterfly Guard! There are a few options from this position for leg attacks but for the most part I can’t do much from here. Instead of having this be a dead zone for attacks, I want to focus on using the Chin Strap Pass that we learned a few months ago. I like the Chin Strap Pass because of its quickness and ability to kill the butterfly guard. Plus it’s a move that Andre Galvao endorses so you know it’s good!

Goal #3 Attend 12 classes this month

Last month I was one class shy of meeting my goal. My goal for this month is to attend at least 12 classes. I really think this will be doable if I can attend at least 3 classes a week. One of the classes I want to attend at least twice this month is our Friday Drilling Class. This class is a great time for me to work on the first two goals and would provide me with the environment needed to succeed.

Again if you are setting any monthly training goals feel free to share them in the comments below. If not make sure to stop by 10th Planet Van Nuys and let one of the instructors know your goals. The more you get your goals out there, the more likely you are to stay motivated and accomplish them!

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